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Selling a House with Fire Damage in Tulsa?

Are you dealing with the aftermath of a house fire in Tulsa? Perhaps you’re trying to figure out what to do with a property that was damaged in a blaze and wondering if there are any toxins to be concerned about. If so, you may be wondering if it’s worth selling your home as is, or if you should try and repair the damage. In this post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of selling a house that’s been damaged by a fire.


If your home was damaged in a fire, you may be wondering if it’s worth selling it as it is. The answer is quite simply, it depends. If your home’s damage is severe, it may be better to sell as it is. However, if the damage is something you feel won’t take long to repair you may want to tough it out and get it fixed with a restoration company. Every situation is different and you need to decide what makes best sense for you in the season of life you’re in. If you were already planning to move from the house in the near future then this may be a good opportunity to sell fast and not deal with the headache.


What We Do?

We will buy your house even if it has bad fire damage. We buy any fire damaged house as-is in Tulsa areas even if it has the following damage:

  • Electrical damage
  • Structural damage
  • Mold growth
  • Contaminated air ducts
  • Smoke stains & residue
  • Fire and Burn Damage
  • Flood Damage

How Does It Work?

If you have a fire damaged house in Tulsa, you can sell it to us without any repairs. We will buy your house with no questions asked, no repairs, no cleaning, and no hassle. How does it work? Our company will buy your fire damaged property in any condition. Yes, you heard that correctly! If you are deciding to sell your fire damaged home, we will take it exactly the way it is. There is no need to worry about making any fire or smoke repairs! Don’t do any painting or washing of the walls. If you’re saying “I need to sell my fire damaged home fast”, then call us today!  918-297-6222


We Pay Cash for Fire Damaged Houses in Tulsa!

Regardless of the condition your home is in, we will pay you cash, no matter what it is or what it’s worth. We are interested in buying fire damaged homes, as we want to purchase your home as-is. Your home will be purchased at full value, based on the fair market value of whatever condition the home is in. Sell your fire damaged building or home today.

We evaluate properties, estimate their value by market study, and the condition of the house to determine the value. No matter how badly your house has been damaged, we will compensate you with what’s left of its current worth that you can receive. 


If your house is damaged by a fire, you will have a harder time selling it. No expert real estate agent will want to be in a house that is damaged by fire because they know it will not sell readily. Depending on the amount of damage and soot from fire, you may have to do extensive cleaning the walls, windows, degreasing the floor, taking out sheetrock and electrical. It can be frustrating and you may not ever get a resale value as high as it would’ve otherwise held. 


If you’re ready to sell, all it takes is for us to come to your home at no cost to you and make you a good offer! We will take on the task of rebuilding and making it look presentable again. You won’t have to spend any money; our team will handle everything. Sell your house now to us at no cost to you.


Get the Insurance Company Involved


The first thing you want to do is make sure your insurance will help out.  An insurance company may eventually pay you for the restoration costs, but often, it doesn’t cover all the costs. You have to pay up front for any restoration and often you are forced to tear up the house to get it back to its pre-fire condition. While this is often the case, homeowners are in fact considered responsible for the entire restoration. Hopefully you have a quality insurance company that will give you what they should and not hold back.


We want you to make the decision that is best for you and we will not pressure you to sell your house. If you want to restore it then we celebrate you resolve to rebuild. But if you want to sell we would love to come to a win win. Most of the time our client will choose to sell.


Below are several questions people ask when weighing the pros and cons of a house with fire damage.



Will Fire Damage Hurt My Health?

While fire can damage a house, there could still be materials in the house that can make you sick. A house built with certain materials may have high levels of toxic materials that can cause sickness from the fire damage. This is especially in individuals with compromised immune systems.


How Long Will it Take to Fix Fire Damage on My House?

Although restoring a home which has been destroyed by fire can be a tricky process. It can be months or even a year before it is completed. Finding a rental home can feel inconvenient but maybe a better option instead of living in the damaged house.


What is the Cost of Repairing Fire Damaged Houses?

Fire repair costs can be exorbitant compared with new construction because they have to tear apart and rebuild areas of the home. This take time and money, and maybe most importantly, it takes patience. If you can work with that then you can make it through the process. The other option is to sell your house to us and let us repair the fire damage. We often end up tearing out the entire electrical system knowing sections of it could have been damaged and we don’t want to deal with that problem later. 


Can I Save Money and Do Repairs?

After a house has burn damages, repairs often occur right after a fire unless your house is damaged more than usual. You can try to perform repairs yourself to save money but it is probably better to seek help from experienced contractors if you need to rebuild or reconstruct your house fast. 


Will Insurance Help?

People impacted by fire can take their insurance payout and the money they get when selling their damaged house to finance the cost of buying a new home.


The House Makes Me Emotional. Is that Normal?

In spite of how appropriately rebuilt a house may look, many houses that once caught fire can remain empty until their former residents feel comfortable re-entering them. Generally, people who return home even after nearby homes have not been affected can feel unsafe. It may take some time to feel normal again in your home, but if you had a quality company make repairs to your house then you should have nothing to worry about. 


Will I Be Able to Sell My Fire Damaged House?

The majority of people do not want to purchase the house that has been recently damaged by a fire. Even if the house has been fully rebuilt to its former condition, many states require the seller to disclose the home’s previous history of fires to any prospective buyers, so this information is required to be disclosed.


Should I Start Over?

Many folks cannot stand the thought of having to deal with contractors, local city inspectors, remediation, realtors and insurance adjusters. Working through this process can be a headache. If you have the time and desire to rebuild the areas of your fire damaged house then you should. But if it seems overwhelming and you are ok with selling it as-is for a reduced price in order to not have to do all the repairs, then we would love to help and make you a fair cash offer. This way we will handle the repairs to the burned areas and make the house livable again. You can sell quickly and move on with your life without the stress of that house.

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