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Do You Need Help To Stop Foreclosure In Tulsa, or Surrounding Areas?

When Tulans call to tell us they need help to stop foreclosure In Tulsa, we do our best to get them on the right track. Many times we can help them fast! We buy houses in Tulsa County and the surrounding areas. We can buy homes in any condition, whether it be nice or distressed. Call us to talk about how to Stop Foreclosure in Tulsa, Broken Arrow and surrounding areas. You have options and we can discuss them and get you informed to make the decision you feel is best for your situation.

Everything is a headache when your in the middle of Avoiding foreclosure. Are you facing divorce? Moving Fast? Under Financial Stress? Upside down in your mortgage loan? Tulsa Property Liens? Inherited a House? You can quit carrying the stress of a house you don’t want anymore. Let us make you an offer and buy your Tulsa house now. We are ready to buy even if its current condition is rough.

We don’t care if you currently live in the house or if it’s vacant. You may even be renting it to family. It may be in such bad condition that it’s not inhabitable. Our goal is to help Tulsa homeowners who are in difficult scenarios or behind on house payments get free by taking the burden off of them. So no matter the condition of the property..we are interested in buying it! Even if it is a fire damaged house in Tulsa or has water damage. Yes the repairs would cost a fortune but we will take care of that after we purchase the house.

So, if you own a property and need to sell it, then let’s discuss your situation over the phone or text and we can figure up an honest fair cash offer and close on your house very soon or whenever you’re ready. When researching How to Sell My House Fast In Tulsa, look no further! We are ready to buy houses now!

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How to Avoid Foreclosure in Tulsa

As the Tulsa housing market has phases of recovery, a lot of folks are still finding it hard to make their house payments. If you’re under water on your mortgage then you are likely stressed about foreclosure being around the corner.

The good news is you may still have time to avoid foreclosure in Tulsa. Plus, in order to save your credit rating, it is critical to move the process along as quickly as possible.

Below are some helpful tips on possible ways on how to stop foreclosure in Tulsa.

2 Ways to Try and Stop Foreclosure in Tulsa – DON’T GIVE UP!

It’s not uncommon for people to just let their house enter foreclosure and do nothing about stopping the foreclosure process in Tulsa. So many people don’t fight to keep or at least sell the property to recoup some of the money.

This is a very stressful event and it’s important to get informed first and then make your decision. Plus you want to do whatever is necessary to keep your credit score from totally bottoming out. Foreclosure will also make it difficult to purchase a home in the next several years. Make sure if you sell your house that the total amount owed is paid off, otherwise the lender could threaten you with legal action.

  • Meet and Negotiate with your bank or lender. Your bank has many Tulsa clients that are struggling to make their house payment too. So, if you come to them respectfully and prove that you have been faithful to making your past payments, they may be willing to rework your loan terms.
  • Sell Your House Fast for Cash Tulsa. We get that you don’t want to lose your home in Tulsa. But if there is no other way than to sell it and make the bank happy then we can try and help you with that. Call us today to discuss your present situation and then if you like the options we present, we can proceed to try and appease the bank. Many times, if the bank likes the offer we make you, then we can get the foreclosure behind you along with recouping some cash.
Foreclosure Can Take A Toll on One’s Emotions – You do Have Options:

We Buy Houses in Tulsa and help stop foreclosure in Northeast Oklahoma. Call us today or text and we can work out a plan to get you out of this foreclosure and some cash in your pocket!  Call 918-297-6222

Can You Buy My Foreclosure? We'd Love To!

Pay no commissions or fees. More money in your pockets!

Please fill out our form or call us for a few minutes and let's see how we can help you.

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I Don't Want to Lose My House in Tulsa. I just need a good realtor..right?

Even if you found a great realtor, they still are fighting time and will have trouble selling a distressed property. Also, depending on the level of repairs and neighborhood it is in may also hold the sale from happening for months and maybe even NEVER! That’s months of mortgage payments you are getting behind on. You can save the time and energy and get it all sold fast with our house buying services. We will come meet you and be upfront and honest. If we think you have a great chance to sell it with a realtor then we won’t waste your time. We want what is best for you. But usually in foreclosure situation it is best to get the house off your hands ASAP! So contact us today! If a realtor can’t sell your home, we can likely help. 

With a realtor you would usually need to sign a contract that you will use them for up to 6 months. You don’t need to sign anything that bind you to use our services. The only contract is the actually purchase contract for the home.

You won’t have to deal with a ridiculous amount of paperwork. You don’t have to wonder if the deal will fall through. We have the financial backing to buy your house and many others right now!

With us there is not restless nights of wondering when you house will sell. When we set the closing day that’s it! We are good to go. You pay no expensive agent fees or commissions.

We work efficiently. When you contact us with your house’s information we look it over. Do a quick search on the area and compare with what you say the condition of the house is. Then we will present you with a fair all-cash offer on your house.

If we can help you stop foreclosure to make your life easier, then we will have done our job. We are house investors in Tulsa that are making a difference. We don’t expect you to make a hasty decision. After you look at the offer and consider your options, you can decide if you want to proceed and we will start the process asap!

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3 Step Tulsa Foreclosure Buying Process:

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Send us information about your house, and we’ll reply with an offer. It’ll only take a couple of minutes.

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Step #2

Schedule a time for us to visit your home and evaluate it. We’ll make you a cash offer. If you accept, we’ll prepare the paperwork.

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Step #3

You will select a closing date. At closing, we’ll pay you the cash.

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Once we close on the property you can move on and won’t need to worry about maintaining your house anymore, either. The stress and obligation will be off your hands.

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