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The Top 5 Costs of Selling Your Home with a Realtor in Sand Springs, OK

Hiring a Sand Springs real estate agent might not be the best way to sell your home. When you consider all the time, money, and energy it will cost to sell your home on the traditional real estate market, you will probably think twice before signing a listing agreement with a realtor.

You may be saying “I need to sell my house fast in Sand Springs, OK.” You have options. Maybe selling to us will work better for you in your situation. If you do use a realtor you may want to know some of the costs associated with it. Here are the top 5 costs of selling your home with a realtor in Sand Springs, OK.

1) Repairs 

Realtors and market buyers will usually expect sellers to repair their homes before closing a deal. If you only have minor repairs to make in your home, then it is no big deal. But if you need to make bigger repairs, it could end up costing you thousands of dollars in unforeseen expenses. There is no guarantee that a buyer will close on the property either. Buyers like to hire appraisers to inspect the property and locate problems with it. These problems add to the list of total repair expenses. If you don’t repair everything on the list, the buyer will not purchase the home.

2) Cleaning 

Traditional home buyers will want to visit your property frequently. These buyers expect your home to look sparkly clean. Your realtor will advise you to clean the flooring, carpets, walls, ceiling, furniture and so on. Power washing the driveway and walkway will be necessary too. You can do this work yourself or hire a professional cleaner to do it for you. Either way, it will cost you more time and effort to complete.

3) Marketing 

Sand Springs real estate agents don’t usually market their clients’ properties beyond submitting them to the MLS database. Because of this, your property listing could sit in the MLS database for months or years without getting any real buyers. If you want to speed up the sales process, you’ll need to do your own marketing. That means spending money on promoting your listing in the newspaper, pay-per-click ads, and real estate brochures.

Professional photography is another marketing expense. You cannot rely on low-quality smartphone cameras to capture photos of your property. You would need to hire a professional photographer to take commercial-quality photos inside and outside your home.  But again, there is still no guarantee that your home would sell after paying for all these marketing materials. If you want to just sell your house fast, just call us. We buy houses Sand Springs!

4) Realtor Commission 

Sand Springs real estate agents charge approximately 6% in commission fees per sale. For example, if you sold a home for $500,000, you may have to pay the realtor roughly $30,000 out of the sales proceeds. That is a lot of money to pay someone just for listing your home in the MLS database. You could save so much money by not using a realtor at all. A direct home sale in Sand Springs has the potential to save you tens of thousands of dollars. That is too much money to overlook. You may just want to sell fast because you need cash for your home, so you can pay off bills and you don’t have time to go the realtor route.

5) Closing Costs 

There are closing costs associated with selling a home in Sand Springs, OK. You can expect to pay between 1% and 3% in closing fees between the title company fees and escrow costs. For a $500,000 home, it means you’d pay between $5,000 and $15,000 for the title search fees, settlement fees, recording fees, etc. All those fees are unnecessary and avoidable if you don’t use a realtor or title company to close. A professional buyer can arrange the closing at no extra expense to you.

Sell Your Home in Sand Springs, OK 

The best option is to sell your home directly to a professional buyer in Oklahoma. Our Sand Springs home buyers are looking to purchase homes in any condition. We won’t ask you to pay for repairs, closings, or other common expenses. Our cash offer will be what you will receive without imposing any fees upon you.


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