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Top 5 Worst Times to Sell a Home in Jenks

When is the best time to sell a home in Jenks, OK? If you can figure out the best time to sell your home, then you may find a buyer very quickly. Otherwise, your property listing could spend months on the market without any real leads. You need to also factor in your own situation and whether that makes it easier or harder to sell your home.


Below are the top 5 worst times to sell your home in Jenks, OK. This should give you some idea of the best time to sell your home.



1) When Your Home is in Foreclosure

 Is your home under foreclosure? It is risky to sell a home that is pending foreclosure. Your motivation might be to cash out before you lose your property, but the problem is you don’t know when the sale date is going to be. What if the bank finalizes the foreclosure before you sell your home? Then you’ll be in a terrible situation.


You could avoid this situation if you sell your Jenks home to us for cash. That way, you won’t have to wait and wonder whether you’ll find a buyer before your home is foreclosed. Our team of investors like to close quickly, so you shouldn’t have to wait longer than a week to receive your cash payment for the property.



2) When You Want to Buy Another Investment Home in Jenks

 If you sell your home because you want to raise money to purchase another investment property may be pushing you to rush the sale too quickly. You may end up getting less money for your home. If you just need the money fast, then it’s understandable to just sell fast. But if you’re looking to maximize your profit and not in a hurry then the best bet is to be patient. Besides, good investment deals do not stay on the market for very long. A potential investment property will probably get sold by the time you’re done selling your home. So, it is not worth it.



3) Your House Needs Repairs


Most real estate buyers do not want to purchase a fixer-upper properties in Jenks, OK because they’re not investors. They are ordinary people who want a move-in ready home. If your home has repair work that needs to get done, you will have a more challenging time selling it on the market. The average buyer is not willing to pay for repairs.


If you want to sell your home in as-is condition in Tulsa areas, you need to target professional home investment companies or individual home investors. Our company buys Jenks houses all the time. The current condition of your house does not matter to us. We can make you a cash offer right on the spot after we look at it. Not only do we close the sale quickly, but we avoid all the realtor and broker commission fees too. That makes it work out well for both of us.



4) Your House Has Tenants in It


Do you currently have a tenant living in your house? If so, you should not list your property for sale until your tenant is gone. Otherwise, you must let your tenant know that you’re selling the property. It will be an inconvenience for them because they’ll have to keep the place clean for the potential buyers who’ll want to see it. If the buyers don’t want to clean, then you’re forced into a corner. You’ll have to wait until their lease is up.  


The best thing to do is to give your tenant some incentives for helping you out. Perhaps you could help them find a new home or offer them some money back for their cooperation. Meanwhile, you could sell the home to us for cash, and we can take over the home with the tenants still inside of it. You won’t need to keep it clean or do anything to prepare it for us. We’ll purchase the home as-is.



5) You Must Move Quickly

A lot of people are forced to move quickly because of job opportunities or financial reasons. If you need to quickly sell your Jenks home, do not depend on the traditional real estate market. It could take months before you sell a home with a realtor. If you need to move within the next week or two, a great option is to sell your home to us for cash. We can manage the entire closing process and have a cash payment in your hand at closing. Then you can use that money to move into another house somewhere else without waiting very long. It is a win-win situation for everybody.


Sell Your House in Jenks, OK

 If you’re experiencing any of these situations, you should sell your home to us quickly. There are no closing costs or long inspection waiting periods. We will purchase your Jenks home in a professional and timely manner. Give us a call to find out more details on our speedy home buying process in Jenks, OK.


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