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How to Sell an
Inherited House in Tulsa

You might think that inheriting a house is great because it means you get a free house. But along with that house, you’re also inheriting the responsibilities of homeownership. You now are responsible for any liens or back taxes on the property. Then there are hidden costs. For example, if the house needs major renovations or repairs, then you can’t just list the property on the traditional real estate market. You need to spend thousands of dollars of your own money to fix up the property before it is in sellable condition. You might not be able to spend that kind of money on a house which you never even wanted in the first place.

So, what do you do? How about selling your inherited house to us? We make the process fast and simple. You can sell your parents house fast in Tulsa!

We are professional Tulsa home buyers that purchase homes like these all the time. We don’t care if there are repairs or renovations needed because we buy fixer-upper homes in Tulsa. Whatever the condition of your inherited home is, we’ll be glad to purchase it and take it off your hands.

Get Paid Cash Within Days

If you try contacting a realtor to help you sell your inherited house it may become a lengthy process which may not even get you a buyer. And if it does get you a buyer, you’ll be be out of pocket commissions and fees for the Tulsa realtor’s services. This can hurt especially if the property has liens or back taxes that need to be covered by you.

On the other hand, if you sell your inherited house to us, there will be no commissions or fees to worry about. In fact, we’ll begin the purchase process of your home within a few days. Then at closing you will be handed full cash for it.

So if your wondering how am I going to sell my house fast in Tulsa then your in the right place. Our company has been purchasing inherited houses throughout the Tulsa area for many years now. The whole process of purchasing an inherited house is rather straightforward.

You’ll call us with the details of your house, and we’ll come over to see it. Once we’ve evaluated the property, we’ll make you an offer. If you accept the offer, we’ll present the paperwork for you to sign and then arrange a date for the closing. No commissions or fees will ever need to be paid throughout this process.

We can close quickly!

Pay no commissions or fees. More money in your pockets!

Please fill out our form or call us for a few minutes and let's see how we can help you.

Call Today! 918-297-6222

Working with us is a breeze!
Simple 3 step process to selling an inherited property:

call us to sell your house fast

Step #1

Call us on the phone or send us the details of your house online. We will reply with an offer within a few minutes.


home selling

Step #2

We’ll schedule a time to visit your home and do a walk through. Based on the evaluation, we will finalize the offer and present it to you to sign if you agree to the price.

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Step #3

You will get to pick the date of closing. Once that date arrives, you will get full cash for your property.


Most inherited houses are not easy to sell through traditional methods. The real estate market is very picky about the condition of the houses that are deemed sellable. If you’re not willing to invest money in fixing up your inherited house in Tulsa, then your next best solution for getting out of that responsibility is selling the house to us. We streamline the whole process to make it fast, convenient, and easy. Because we offer cash for homes we are ready to buy now!

Quick Note: Many ask do I have to pay taxes on inherited house or property? The answer depends greatly on the value of the property vs what you sell it for. Because this is a more in depth question we will refer you to this property inheritance article. Or give us a call and we can refer you to a good local tax expert or Tulsa probate attorney for advice on this matter.

We are the Tulsa company who buys houses in any condition ASAP! We look forward to hearing from you! In just a few days, we can start the process of alleviating the stress you feel over your inherited house.