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12 Steps to a Market Ready House?

Have You Properly Prepared Your Tulsa Oklahoma House for the Market?

 Are you looking to list your Tulsa house on the market? Before you do, make sure it is ready for the market. Does it have a good functioning HVAC system? Are there excessive furnishings and personal possessions spread out everywhere? These are considerations you must make first.  

To help you better prepare your home for the market, below are 12 activities that you can do. 


1) Home Decluttering 

 Throw out or store away any items that you don’t need anymore. These could be smaller items or bigger items like bookcases and hutches. This type of furniture can really eat up valuable space. 


2) Remove Items from Closets 

 Don’t leave your clothes and shoes in your closets if you don’t wear them. Take out any seasonal clothes from the closets. Donate to the local Goodwill or store the clothes. 


3) Inspection 

 Buyers are usually the ones to have an home inspection done in Tulsa. However, you should get your own inspection done first because you can learn about any big repair work needed before your buyer does. This will give you more time to make the repairs.  


4) Research Estimated Repair Costs 

 Once you learn about the repairs needed, you can research how much they’ll likely cost to get done. Problems like a leaky roof, broken water heater and mold can all be costly issues. So, find out the estimated prices for solving these problems.  Most contractors will give you free estimates. When its time to hire a roofing company, you shouldn’t just call the first one listed on Google. We suggest you have 2 or 3 of them give you a quote. Same goes for plumbers, painters, and electricians. 


5) Flooring / Painting 

 Painting your home can make it look brand new. First, find out which neutral paint colors are popular. Carpet colors and wall paint colors should both be neutrals. As for wooden flooring, it is usually more cost-effective to have it refinished than to replace it entirely with new flooring. If you are replacing carpet, then consider engineered hardwood for a beautiful look that is a fraction of the cost of traditonal solid hard wood flooring. 


6) Clean Your House 

 A clean house is a sellable house. The appearance is everything in the buyer’s eyes. Remove stains from the carpets, vacuum the carpets, dust your tables, and remove lint from your dryer. A good wall and cabinet wiping can also do wonders. A commercial Tulsa cleaning service is recommended if you don’t have time for a thorough cleaning. 


7) Remove Personal Effects 

 Remove any personal items from your home. These types of items include family photographs and child drawings. If you have pets, get those toys and mats out of the house. To some people pets = dirty. 


8) Store Bigger Items 

 Large furniture and other big items will clutter your home. Remove these items to create more space inside your home. Do the same thing in your garage too, especially where lawnmowers and various equipment is concerned. If you can hang tools and equipment on your wall you can save a lot of floorspace in the garage. 


9) Landscaping 

 Hire a landscaper to make your front lawn and backyard look perfect. They can plant flowers, remove weeds, mow grass, and do whatever else is necessary.  


10) Stage Your House 

 Staging your house is when you arrange certain items in your house to make it look more professional. For instance, you can arrange your silverware on the dining room table and place folded napkins next to it. Maybe you could add some vases with flowers on your fireplace mantel. Beautify your home with little extras like these, and it can go a long way.  


11) Schedule Showings 

 It is good to be flexible to last second showing but it’s better to schedule them for prospective buyers. That way, you’ll have time to remove distractions from your house, such as dogs, children and annoying relatives. Plus, you’ll have time to remove any new pet stains or hairs from your rug and do whatever else is necessary to make your house look presentable.  


12) Remove Nasty Odors 

 A good scent is also important to have in a home. Get rid of anything that causes bad odors, such as litter boxes, garbage containers, pet food dishes, and so on. Spray a little bit of air freshener in each room of your home. You could also clean your carpets and use some freshsmelling candles too. 


Some of you might not have the money to make all these preparations. Just do what you can afford if possible. 


Selling Your Oklahoma House Quickly Without Repairing Anything 


If you lack the money and time to make the necessary repairs or preparations to your home, then you can sell your house quickly to us, your local Tulsa home buyer. You won’t need to fix any of the problems in the house or do any cleaning. Simply contact us and provide the information about your house. We’ll be able to make you an estimated cash offer right over the phone before seeing your property up close.  


Choose the Right Real Estate Investor 


Don’t believe every real estate investor that you see advertised. If you choose the wrong one, they might back out of the deal unexpectedly and waste your valuable money and time. So, do your research and pick a real estate investor with a proven track record of making successful cash deals with homeowners in distress, or just in need of a fast home sale. 


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