Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have compiled the most common questions people ask us. If you still have any questions please give us a call or fill out our contact form and we will get back with you shortly.

Q: Do you charge any commissions or fees for your services?

Chances are you are used to paying Oklahoma real estate agents a nice fat commission when selling your house. However, we do not operate like that.  As professional home buyers, we charge NO FEES OR COMMISSIONS when you sell your house to us.  We simply talk about the house together, make you’re a good offer, and if you like it then we will buy your house. Most times we can even work paying your closing costs into the deal. Wow! No realtor fees or closing costs!!! That’s a good amount of money saved!  So, when you sell your house to us, you can rest assured of no fees or hassles.  After the sale the burden of the property and it’s payment is then on us… and often you leave the closing table with cash in hand.

Q: What factors do you consider in determining the amount to offer on my house?

A: We ensure we will be upfront and open at every step of the way.  We basically consider where the property is located in Tulsa, the current condition, and the repairs needed to get the house into the right shape.  We also look at the values of similar houses sold in the same area in recent years.  Do not forget that house values can go up and down depending on economic situations. At the end of the day we come up with a fair price that we believe works for everyone.

Q: Do you list houses on the Tulsa MLS or actually buy them?

A: We do not list houses because we are not agents.  As professional home buyers in the greater Tulsa area our only requirement is that the house meets our purchasing criteria. After the purchase we may fix up the house and resell to another homeowner or retain it as a rental.

Q: Do you offer fair prices for properties?

A: Most of the properties we purchase are below market value. This is to ensure that they can be repaired and resold to another homeowner while making some profit.  Although we would like a fair discount on the houses we are trying to purchase, most homeowners still find our offers quite satisfactory.  The highlights of our offer include the cash payment, quick and easy closing, zero agent fees, and the fact that the homeowner does not have to make any repairs before the sale.  Our goal is a WIN WIN price with homeowners. Keep in mind that our price offers always come with no obligation, so you can easily decline and no hard feelings. We want an all-around satisfactory deal.

Q: What is the difference between your company and a real estate agent?

A: Real estate agents list properties and pray they sell for close to asking price. In reality the offers usually come in quite a bit lower unless they price the house right to begin with. The agent shows the house to prospective buyer. Sometimes you may have these possible buyers in your house daily looking it over. The process can also be quite lengthy. The average time to sell a house in many markets is at 6-12 months. Once the house is sold the realtor gets 3-6% in commissions. So if you sell your house for $100,000 then the realtor gets $3,000 – $6,000 from you. Realtors do provide good services if you are patient enough to through the showing and negotiations. Then there is also the chance the buyers back out if they don’t like something little. We have seen people try and back out of a deal because the carpet wasn’t cleaned well enough before closing. The good thing about our company is we actually buy the houses with cash. We can buy your house fast and close soon. We won’t complain about dirty carpet, holes in walls, bad foundation and so on. We buy houses in Tulsa fast and want to help you get your house sold and cash in hand as quick as possible!

Q: Am I obligated to anything when submitting my information?

A: There is absolutely no obligation when you provide us with your property info.  After you tell us a little about your house, we will do some research on the area and what we think would be a fair offer. We may schedule a time to stop by to see the house to get a better idea of the repairs. Then we can make you an offer.  After the offer is presented it’s all up to you. We WON’T PRESSURE you or harass you. You make the best decision for you!

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