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Can a House be Sold While in Probate in Tulsa?

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We Buy Houses in Tulsa and especially like to work with seller to get them a good offer for their probate properties. What is probate, you asked? Probate is the process of reassocating the property after the person has died. When a person passes away the property is left behind for their loved one. If there is no will or the will is invalid, the estate undergoes probate court proceedings.

At whatever point in the process, the estate is assigned to the heirs with the courts of law, and this method of transferring the belongings of the loved one’s estate is called probate.

The most important thing to do first is to get legal counsel and they will lead you through the steps when selling a house in Probate.



Can a house be sold while in probate in Tulsa?

Real property is what your house will be considered by the court. For this you almost always  will need to have written approval of a judge and the probate case before moving forward with the sale.

So yes, you can sell a house in probate. Below are some helpful steps to selling a house you inherited.



Property Appraisal in Tulsa Oklahoma

You can appraise your house with a certified appraiser. You can find these in the phonebook or by asking a real estate agent who they would recommend. It’s helpful when the property has already been appraised in the probate. The probate process may be different if you live in a different city or county. So you need to look into what the probate process is in your vicinity.



Get the Petition for your probate property in Tulsa

As you are in the process of selling your house in probate you will need to get probation from the court. Most places it’s as simple as filling out a petition form and providing them with the sale details on the house. This usually will include your independent appraisal info. After that is done and turned into the court, you will wait for their approval. 

Most investors are only interested if the petition process has been completed. That way they know the house is approved by the court to sell.



Place your Property for Sale in Tulsa

Now you can move forward with putting the house or properties for sale. We are ready to buy the house as-is as long as the price makes sense to us as an investment and is a win for you as well! Once an offer is accepted it must be approved by the probate court. 



Advertise your probate house in Tulsa

If you would rather not sell to an investor because you have time and  want to try and get maximum dollars then that is totally understandable. You can list online for sale by owner, in newspapers, or with a realtor. If you sell it with a realtor then it is likely they will recommend you clean the property out and do the essential repairs necessary so it doesn’t sit on the market very long. If you just want to sell your probate house fast and be done with it then we hope we can make you an offer that is a win win.



Probate property Hearing in Tulsa

Usually the next step is the after the court approves the offer on the house you can complete the selling process with the buyer. You should alway check with you probate attorney to make sure all the proper steps have been follow for it may be different in your city. 

This article is not legal advice but things to help see how a probate may go for a house you inherited. We hope it was helpful and if you have a house you need to sell please contact us and we can work on a win win.

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