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We Buy Houses in Tulsa!

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We are the Company That Buys Houses in Tulsa!

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What Can I Do to Sell My House Fast in Tulsa?

Are you a Tulsa, Oklahoma resident trying to sell your house fast? The most common options for selling your house is working with a company that buys houses in Tulsa, using a realtor, or selling for sale by owner. Most people don’t realize with a little work they can sell FSBO. Then there is one step easier, and that’s to sell to us, your local Tulsa home buyer!

If you do decide to list with a real estate agent, do realize your house will have to be in next to perfect condition before they will want to show it. You will be expected to get repairs made and to get the clutter out asap. This can take months just to prepare for sale. Then up to 6-12 months just to sell. After it is all said and done, you will hope you got a good price because the commission fees are going to take a rather large bite out of your sale price.

If you go the route of for sale by owner then be prepared to go through the same process. The only thing that is usually the downside of FSBO is the houses tend to take longer to sell that the traditional agent listing. You can save on commission fees sometimes. If a realtor brings a buyer you will have to pay that agent 3%. Also remember you will have to do your own marketing and showings. Kind of a pain but may be worth the money you save if you’re not in any hurry to sell.

But I Don’t Have the Time to Sell My House Myself

Many Tulsan’s don’t have time to sell FSBO, but they also can’t afford to lose all the money to commissions when they may be sitting on the house for up to 12 months while its listed. This is too long if your saying I need to sell my house fast Tulsa!

It’s too bad you can’t call a realtor and say I will pay you a fee if you can sell my house tomorrow and then not worry because you know your house is as good as sold. Well this isn’t how traditional real estate works. But our business is about as close as it gets to that dream of selling fast on the spot. If you sell to us, a company that buys houses in Tulsa, then you don’t need to make repair or show the house. You don’t have to wait months and months. You don’t have to get the house in pristine condition. We literally talk with you, make a fair cash offer and when an agreement is made your house is as good as sold. We just need to set a closing date that works for you! It is the fastest way to sell a Tulsa house! We Buy Houses Tulsa!

Remember, don’t worry about cleaning your house, making repairs, staging furniture, decluttering, landscaping…etc! Don’t do any of it. As a home buying company in Tulsa, we don’t want you stress you out with all this. We will buy your house AS-IS that way you can get back to doing the things you enjoy. Besides many of these repairs add up to ten of thousand of dollars. Sometimes into the 100’s of thousand if it’s needing to be gutted and firmed up structurally.

You may be asking but what if I have to sell a house I inherited and it needs big repairs? Yes this can pose a problem as you were not planning to budget money or time for a project like that. You may have to take out a sizable loan to get the house in good enough condition to sell. Or what if your facing foreclosure in Tulsa County? You may need to sell your Tulsa house fast to keep your credit rating in check. Another common reason to sell is relocating. Perhaps probate in Tulsa or divorce is an issue you’re dealing with. There are many situations that pose a reason to get a property sold quickly.

But How Do I Know Which Home Buying Company to Trust in Tulsa?

If you decide to sell to a Tulsa home buyer, then we would assure you we are a local favorite. But yes, there are other good house buying companies in Tulsa. Just do your research. Make sure the company doesn’t look like a fly by night business. Many out of state companies buy website templates and launch them in a city and by online ads. They aren’t even local. That’s may be the most important thing is finding a local Tulsa home buyer that runs their company like a professional business. Make sure they have a local phone number and live in the area.

It can be stressful when unexpectedly, you have to sell your house fast. We’ve helped so many homeowners who were in a tough situation. We have been able to bring a big relief into the lives of so many who were carrying a house burden that was getting to be a major headache. Let us talk with you about your situation. Maybe we can help you too! We would like you to get to know us and allow us to present you with a fair cash offer for you Tulsa property.

Buy My House Fast in Tulsa!

Pay no commissions or fees. More money in your pockets!

Please fill out our form or call us for a few minutes and let's see how we can help you.

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Schedule a time for us to visit your home and evaluate it. We’ll make you a cash offer. If you accept, we’ll prepare the paperwork.

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Step #3

You will select a closing date. At closing, we’ll pay you the cash.

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