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3 Innovative Ways to Market a Home You are Selling

Successfully selling a home takes time and a dedicated effort to reach as many potential buyers as possible. Yet, to stand out from your competitors, you’ll have to be innovative with how you market your property. By utilizing social media, creating professional-grade video content, and crafting a story around your property, you’ll close on a sale in no time. Regardless of the condition of your property, these marketing strategies can be effective in helping you find the right homebuyer. These strategies are so powerful that you can successfully sell a house with a broken air conditioner, even during the hot summer days in Tulsa.


If you’re in the process of selling a home but are struggling to bring in potential buyers, continue reading to discover 3 innovative ways to market your property.


1. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

In today’s day and age, it’s no secret that social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools. By utilizing platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you can reach a large audience of potential buyers in a matter of minutes. When marketing your home on social media, be sure to post high-quality photos and videos that showcase the property in its best light. In addition, be sure to write engaging captions that tell a story and highlight the unique selling points of your home. Don’t be afraid to post every day but avoid rehashing the same content.


Potential buyers react best to new information that highlights how your property stands out from others in the area. Additionally, consider sharing your listings with local realty groups where buyers are searching for a new home. The more eyeballs that come across your property, the quicker you are to receive offers. Real estate is a numbers game and can happen quickly. Click here to learn more about how to sell a house fast using different marketing strategies. Homeowners can sell their houses faster when they are well-equipped with these tips.


2. Upgrade Your Video Content

If you’re still relying on tired video tours, consider upgrading your approach with higher-quality content. A small amateur drone can help you capture breathtaking aerial shots that will leave potential buyers in awe. In addition to aerial footage, be sure to walk through each room of the property and point out unique features that will pique buyers’ interest.


For sellers that have the budget, consider hiring a professional videographer to help you put together an impressive video tour that will be sure to capture buyers’ attention. If you’re selling a house with a realtor and paying 3% in commissions, you’ll need to budget for those closing costs too. Depending on your realtor, they sometimes offer to pay for this out of their own pocket, regardless of if the property sells. For property owners selling directly to cash buyers, it can still be a decent idea to market your home through videos. Consumers of all kinds, including all types of real estate professionals, browse and shop online for things. Videos can only help.


3. Create a Compelling Story

When potential buyers are considering purchasing a home, they want to feel like they’re buying more than just a physical structure. By creating a story around your property, you can connect with buyers on an emotional level and help them visualize themselves living in the home. To craft a compelling story, start by brainstorming a list of adjectives that describe your home. Is it cozy? Chic? Luxurious? Family-friendly? Once you have a list of adjectives, start writing a short description that incorporates them. Be sure to focus on the unique selling points of your property and why it’s different from others in the area.



Marketing to Sell Your Home

By getting creative with your marketing, you can reach a wider audience and attract potential buyers by the dozen. However, if you’re still struggling to sell your property, you do have other options. The experts at Sell Your House Tulsa will pay you cash for your home. This helps eliminate additional costs that come along with selling your home the traditional way. Contact us today to receive an offer.




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