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4 Reasons to Sell Your House Without an MLS Listing in Tulsa, OK

When you want to sell your house fast in Tulsa, OK, you don’t have to take the traditional route by calling up your local real estate agent for assistance. Why bother? Real estate agents can publish an MLS listing and negotiate with buyers, but is that the best option? But that doesn’t mean you should submit a DIY listing on the MLS database either. Whenever you list your property for sale in any manner, you waste precious time waiting for a qualified buyer to show up. There is never any guarantee that a buyer will come at all. 


If you want to sell your Tulsa house fast the best thing to do may be to avoid the MLS altogether. Instead, you could sell your home to a direct buyer for cash within one week. Here are the four main reasons why it is a good idea to sell your house without a realtor and to a direct buyer instead:



1) Avoid Any Further Expenses


When you purchase a house, your expenses do not stop after the closing date. Homeownership is an ongoing expense because you are responsible for the upkeep and cleanliness of the property. 


The most significant expenses for homeowners are repair costs. If your home has damaged areas or utility problems, for instance, then don’t expect a traditional home buyer to be interested. Potential homebuyers turn to the MLS database for real estate because they expect all MLS listings to feature houses with little to no problems. So, if your home needs expensive repairs done, you’ll have no choice but to spend a lot of money to get them done. Otherwise, using an MLS listing to sell your property may be a waste of time unless you are willing to make some repairs.


Repair expenses are only the beginning. If you use an MLS listing, you must continue paying the most common expenses associated with homeownership. These expenses are as follows: 


  • Cleaning expenses (e.g., power washing, carpet cleaning, maid services, etc.)
  • Utility expenses
  • Property taxes
  • General maintenance
  • Mortgage payments
  • Property insurance

It’s even worse if you hire a real estate agent because they will want to take a 6% to 7% commission fee from the sale of your property. You’d think they would pay to advertise your property, considering all the commission they will receive from the sale. However, real estate agents rarely promote their clients’ properties beyond the MLS listings. That means you will be stuck paying for the advertising costs and the sales commission fees. In many cases it’s just not worth it. 


If you choose to sell your Tulsa home to us, you can eliminate these expenses from your life within one week. As a direct home buyer we won’t even make you pay closing costs or title fees. If you accept our cash offer, you will receive that exact amount of money on the day of the closing. And since our closings take place fast, you won’t have any more expenses as a homeowner. 



2) No Negotiations or Qualifying Buyers


We Buy Houses in Tulsa Oklahoma and pay cash for houses. You don’t need to qualify our direct buyers for a home loan because we don’t need to take out a traditional loan or mortgage to purchase your property. We are able to present cash offers on Tulsa houses that are in any condition. You will not be expected to make repairs or fix the cosmetics of the home in any way. We always purchase homes in as-is condition. 



3) Stop Showing Your Home to Strangers


An MLS listed house will require the homeowner or real estate agent to show the property to several potential buyers at different times. These are unvetted people who may not even be qualified to purchase your home. But as someone trying to sell the house, you’re forced to keep showing your home to strangers with the hope that one of them will want to buy it. 


There are two things wrong with this. First, it requires you to stage your house each time you want to show it to a potential buyer. Second, it is inconvenient to show your home on short notice if you and your family are living in it. 


How would you like to avoid all of this inconvenience and frustration? When you contact We Buy Houses in Oklahoma, you don’t have to stage your house or make it look a certain way upon our arrival. We’ll conduct one walkthrough of the house and then make you an offer to buy it on the spot. So do you want to get a fast cash offer from a home buying company



4) Sell Your House Fast in Tulsa


An MLS listed house will rarely get sold within the same week it was listed for sale unless that specific market is super hot. Traditional real estate listings require the buyers and sellers to go through a lengthy process of negotiation, due diligence, and loan qualification. 


Direct buyers skip all of this nonsense. We are eager to make a deal and close on the sale just as quickly as you. Once you accept our cash offer, we’ll take care of the rest. You won’t have to wait on a long process of numerous inspections and repairs to be done before selling, nor will you have to pay any expenses. We will arrange the closing and process all the paperwork for you. 


There is no faster way to sell your house in Tulsa. 


Sell Your House in Tulsa, OK


Stop wasting time dealing with a costly MLS listing. Even if you think you can get more money from a traditional buyer, you still have to factor in all the expenses you’ll have while holding your property. Why not cash out now and rid yourself of all those expenses? All you have to do is call us today and we will make you a fair cash offer as-is. Selling your home in Tulsa has never been easier. 


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