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The Top 5 Methods for Selling Your Mobile Home fast in Tulsa, OK

It is more difficult to sell a mobile home in Tulsa than a single-family home. Traditional homebuyers don’t often see the investment value of mobile homes. When you want to sell your mobile home on the traditional MLS marketplace, you’ll have no choice but to make repairs and upgrades. Otherwise, buyers won’t have any incentive to buy your mobile home in Tulsa, OK. Sometimes people look down upon mobile home parks in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

However, there are ways to increase the chances of selling your mobile home. It requires a lot of planning and strategizing to be successful. But if you are determined to sell your mobile home, then anything is possible.

Below are the top 5 methods for promoting your mobile home for sale in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, or any of the surrounding cities.


1) Spread the Word

First, you should inform your local neighbors, friends, and co-workers about your mobile home getting put up for sale in Tulsa. If you have a park manager in your community, let them know about it too. When more local people learn about your mobile home listing, they will spread the word to other people they know as well. Word-of-mouth advertising is a free and effective way to attract attention to your mobile home listing. So if you’re thinking, “I need to sell my trailer home fast”, then start letting people know or call us and we will make you an offer! 918-297-6222


2) Take Commercial Quality HD Photographs

Potential real estate buyers always respond better to high definition photographs. Do whatever you can to take commercial-quality photographs of your mobile home from every angle. Rent a 4K digital camera or have a friend with a good phone take pictures of your property for you.

Make sure you stage your mobile home for the camera. Remove all your personal items and other items that clutter your property. The pictures need to show a clean and vibrant atmosphere in order to attract qualified buyers. But don’t just take pictures of the inside of your mobile home. Photograph the areas all around your mobile home, including the land of your property. 

Some mobile home owners will go the extra mile and use a drone to take aerial photographs of their property. If your mobile home sits on acres of land, it might help to take aerial photographs of it with a drone.

3) Give Incentives to Mobile Home Buyers in Tulsa

Potential buyers need a little bit of an incentive before agreeing to buy a mobile home. For instance, you could offer new furniture, flooring, or appliances with your mobile home. Buyers love to receive extra things like this when buying a property. 

If your mobile home needs repair work, you could provide your buyer with $500 to $1,000 in credit after closing the deal. This credit can be applied to the repair expenses needed. 


4) Social Media Posts

Social media gets used a lot nowadays to sell mobile homes in Broken Arrow, OK. You don’t have to pay for PPC ads or anything like that. Instead, utilize the free promotional options of websites like Facebook. 

For instance, you could join real estate groups that are local to the Tulsa or Broken Arrow area. This gives you the perfect opportunity to let hundreds of local people know that your mobile home is for sale. If potential buyers are interested in looking at it, all they have to do is send you an email message. 

Get ready to read and respond to dozens of email messages daily. You may receive some bogus messages from unqualified buyers. Also, don’t post up the address of your home on a social media post or public forum. Only share the address with people through email, but make sure these are serious people. 


5) Sell to a Direct Buyer

Would you rather sell your mobile home immediately and avoid going through a lengthy sales process? The fastest way to sell a Broken Arrow mobile home is to contact a Tulsa house buying company like us. We have investors that are interested in purchasing mobile homes in Tulsa areas for cash. You won’t be required to make repairs, capture HD photographs, pay for advertising or anything like that. We can buy your mobile home for cash in its current condition. 


We Buy Mobile Homes Tulsa

When you sell your home to our direct buyers, we don’t charge any closing fees or document preparation fees. We handle the entire closing process without charging any additional fees to the seller. The cash offer we make to you is the total amount of money you will receive on the closing date. 

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