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6 Ways to Sell Your House with Tenants in East Tulsa

Do you currently own a house with tenants in East Tulsa? It might seem challenging to sell a house with tenants, but it can be an easy transition if you take the appropriate steps first. This article will help you sell a house with tenants in East Tulsa


The most important thing to do is to inform your tenants about your intentions to sell the house. Let them know what they can expect from the sales process and answer any questions they might have for you. Some tenants won’t mind the transition because it simply means they have to pay their rent money to a new landlord. However, sometimes you’ll come across tenants who won’t make the transition process easy. 


Why would a homeowner want to sell a house with tenants in East Tulsa? Even if the house generates rental income, the homeowner might have bigger expenses to pay off elsewhere. Either that or perhaps the expenses of owning the house are greater than the monthly rental income. These are certainly good reasons for a homeowner to sell their home with tenants. 


Below are the top 6 ways to sell your house with tenants in East Tulsa.


1) Understand the Rights of Your Tenants


Tenants have rights under the laws of Oklahoma. Please don’t decide to sell your home with tenants unless you understand their rights first.  


For example, if you want the tenant to vacate the premises after the sale, you must give them the proper early notice in accordance with the local laws and provisions of the lease. A lease would need a termination clause that gives you the power to cancel the lease prematurely. If such a clause exists, the transition should not be difficult. But make sure you follow all the laws of this transition process. You may just have to wait till their lease expires to sell it if the buyer wants to buy the house without a tenant in it.


The best thing is to get on the buyer’s good side. If you can find a way to make the transition easier for them, they will make it easier for you. 


2) Sell Your Home Us Your Local East Tulsa Home Buyer


The most challenging thing about selling a home with tenants is showing the property to potential buyers. You cannot always expect tenants to clean the home and remove their personal possessions from sight to accommodate your buyers. And if you try to get them to do these things, it could upset them tremendously. 


For this reason, you are better off selling your home to direct buyers. We Buy Houses As-Is in Tulsa areas and we do not care about the current condition of your home. We are interested in buying houses with tenants regardless of their present condition. In fact, we see it as an investment opportunity because you have paying tenants in your home already. So, we’re certainly not going to judge the cosmetics of your home with tenants living in it. 


3) Provide Incentives to Your Tenants


Incentives are a great way to make tenants more accepting of the sales process. For instance, if you choose to sell your house with a East Tulsa real estate agent, they will need cooperation from your tenants to show your house to prospective buyers. But you might not get this cooperation unless you offer incentives to your tenants. 


How about offering to lower their monthly rent in exchange for cooperating with your realtor? That would probably make your tenants very happy. And if you want your tenants out of the house early, you could offer to pay the first couple of months rent for their new house. That way, they have nothing to lose by moving out early to make things more convenient for you. 


4) Treat Your Tenants with Kindness and Respect


Your tenants will develop an intimate connection with your house. Even though you own the house, they actually live in the house. So, it is more personal for them to be forced out or opening their home to strangers on short notice.


If you want to get their cooperation, try to be kind and respectful to your tenants. Accommodate their needs throughout the sales process and make them comfortable with the arrangements that you need to make. Don’t order your tenants to do anything in a demanding or controlling way. Otherwise, they will make the sales process more difficult and possibly scare your buyers away. 


5) Give Your Tenants the Opportunity to Buy Your House in East Tulsa


Before you go through the agony of listing your home for sale, ask your tenants if they would be interested in buying your home. Some tenants fall in love with the homes they rent. So, the opportunity to buy your home might appeal to your tenants. You have nothing to lose by presenting the offer to them. If they accept the offer, you can avoid wasting money on advertising expenses and realtor commission fees. 


6) Wait for the Lease to Expire on Your East Tulsa Home


If you have unreasonable tenants who don’t want to leave early, wait until their lease expires. Let your tenants know ahead of time that you don’t plan to renew their lease. That way, they have time to find a new place to live before the lease expires. 


If you’re not in a hurry to sell your house in East Tulsa, waiting for the lease to expire should be no big deal. At least you won’t have to provide incentives for your tenant to leave early. 


Sell Your House in Union School District in Tulsa


It is not an easy process to sell your house with tenants in East Tulsa, OK. Some tenants make it easy, while others make it difficult. But if you treat your tenants with respect and follow the laws of your jurisdiction, then you won’t run into too many problems along the way. Just be sure to plan the home sale carefully. 


The most convenient way to sell a house with tenants is to sell directly to us. We are fast Tulsa home buyers. We would be willing to purchase your home with tenants for cash. One brief walkthrough is all we would need to present a cash offer to buy your house in East Tulsa. 


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