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7 Steps to Downsize Your Tulsa Home

Irrespective of your life stage, it could be beneficial to downsize your home. If you have a lot of extra stuff that you don’t need and don’t quite know what to do with, it could be overwhelming and cumbersome. In this post, we’ll discuss how you can easily downsize your house without going through all the stress normally associated with it.

Most of us gain more stuff every year. It is not unusual to have cupboards filled with items that are never used, and things stored in an attic that you don’t even know you have anymore.

People tend to buy a home when first starting with a family, and make sure there is enough space for everyone. As time passes and the kids eventually leave the nest, parents often find themselves in a house that is way too big for just the two of them and there is simply too much stuff for them to manage.

Are you saying, “I need to sell my house fast Tulsa?” The tips we share for downsizing below will make it easier for you to sell when you’re ready.

1. The Year Rule

This rule is most often used for closets. To apply it, start by turning all the hangers backward. As you wear clothing, hang them back the normal way. This way you can easily see what you haven’t worn in a year as it will still be backward. Give these items away as all they do is take up valuable space in your closet. Although some items may have sentimental value, try to limit those to an absolute minimum.

This rule can also be to other areas of your home that are prone to clutter. Old DVDs, craft supplies and kitchen gadgets are all good candidates for this exercise. If these have not been used in a year, chances are they won’t be used in the future.

2. Check Your Boxes

Although this seems like a lot of work, it’s well worth doing. You’ll probably find a pile of random possessions you’ve accumulated over the years stashed away. It is very common for people taking this step to only keep one or two things and give away or dump the rest. You may be surprised at what you have kept over the years without it having any real purpose or value.

3. Give Away or Repurpose Sentimental Items

Many people keep items purely for their sentimental value. While it is fine to keep some of these, having too much can actually do more harm than good. Your kids or grandchildren may love having your old Christmas ornaments that you keep in the closet without ever using them.

Artwork, clothes and old toys can be repurposed or find new homes with those you love. This will give you joy in knowing they’re being loved and used, without it cluttering up your home.

4. Digitize Where You Can

Stacks of papers all over the place is a common problem. Many people gather piles of paper before trying to deal with them. The first rule should be to deal with mail as it arrives, rather than letting it pile up everywhere.

Get rid of existing piles by shredding or dumping what you don’t need first. If old bills and receipts need to be kept, digitize them by scanning them and save them electronically.

Also go paperless for all future statements where possible.

5. Is Your Furniture Still Suitable?

Huge furniture may have been great when the whole family was still at home, but they may have outgrown their usefulness. If you don’t need the giant coffee table or massive sectional sofa anymore, sell these items and use the cash for new furniture suitable to your future new (smaller) space.

6. Take Organizing to a New Level

It makes sense to organize all your belongings before moving. If you don’t take the time to do this, you’ll be moving stuff you won’t need and it will take up unnecessary space. Group clothing, glassware, books, and other items. This will simplify packing and moving when you’re ready to go. Label boxes and pack similar items together.

7. Eliminate Duplicates

People often buy two of something, but never use them at the same time. You may have two desks in the office where one can be shared, or 4 sets of wine glasses where one will do.

Check what you have and only keep your favorite items. Give away or sell the other items.

If you find this overwhelming and too much for you to handle, hire a professional. A professional organizer can assist you in clearing out the clutter. They will be able to offer objective opinions if you have difficulty in letting go of unused items. This will help you get your things in order, making an eventual move much easier.

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