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Do You Need to Fill Out Disclosure Statements When Selling a House?

When you’re selling a house, disclosure statements are key. These documents give potential buyers all the details on the condition of the property and any issues that might affect its value or usability. And listen, these statements are required by law in most places, so if you don’t provide them, you could be facing some serious legal and financial consequences.

Can you sell a house without disclosures in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma? Well if you want to sell your home without disclosing the problems then the popular route is selling as is. This is often done by selling to investors that are willing to buy a house knowing there are problems. We do this all the time. Contact us if you’re selling a house with problems.

The point of these disclosure statements is to make sure buyers know exactly what they’re getting into before they fork over their hard-earned cash. This includes any problems with the structure, systems, or appliances of the house, as well as any environmental hazards or zoning issues. By giving buyers this information upfront, you’re helping them make informed decisions and avoiding any surprises down the line.

But what if you really want to stay in the house? If you are looking to sell your home and live In it, but just need money to fund the repairs, then we may be able to help you with some options.

There are different types of disclosure statements, depending on where you live and what type of property you’re selling. Some examples include: property condition statements, environmental hazard statements, zoning and land use statements, and natural disaster statements.

One thing to note, you only gotta disclose what you know. If you don’t know of any issues or defects, you don’t have to say anything. However, if you do know of any issues, you gotta be upfront about them, even if they’ve been repaired. 

Also, some states have their own specific forms for disclosure statements. These forms usually have all the details about the property and any known issues or defects.

And listen, it’s crucial to be honest and accurate in your disclosure statements. If you don’t disclose known issues, the buyer can take legal action, like rescinding the contract or seeking damages. Plus, you could be held liable for any damages or injuries that happen because of those undisclosed issues.

Bottom line, disclosure statements are a big deal when you’re selling a house. They give buyers important information and help ensure a fair and transparent transaction. As a seller, make sure you’re honest and accurate in your statements, and as a buyer, review the statements carefully and ask any questions you have before making a purchase. Let’s make sure everyone’s on the same page. 

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