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Expectations for Selling Your Home to a Wholesaler in Owasso

Most homeowners turn to realtors when they want to sell their homes in Owasso. It can be a giant headache because realtors take a long time to sell their clients’ homes. Not only that, but realtors take a massive commission out of the sales price. Why deal with a realtor when you can sell your Owasso home quickly to a property wholesaler?

Property wholesalers in Owasso can purchase your home for cash within 30 days or less usually. In most cases, a property wholesaler will close on a sale on timeline that works good for you. You won’t need to wait for a mortgage loan approval or extensive due diligence. The property wholesaler will look at your property one-time and make you a cash offer on the spot. If you accept the offer, they will begin the closing paperwork with the title company immediately.

Below we will discuss more details about the process of selling your house to a wholesaler in Owasso.

The First Meeting with an Owasso Wholesaler in Oklahoma

When a wholesaler comes to your Owasso home for the first time, they will be very straightforward with you. They’ll conduct a walkthrough of the property and ask you what price you’d like to get for it. If your price is too high or unrealistic, they will make a more realistic counteroffer. If you accept the counteroffer, the closing process begins right away.

The wholesaler will have the contracts and legal paperwork ready to get the closing process moving swiftly. All you have to do is wait for the closing, which should be no time at all from the first meeting date. On the closing day, you will receive a full cash payment in exchange for the house.

The Length of Time to Sell Your Home in Oklahoma

 A real estate wholesaler wants to close as quickly as you do. Your Owasso-based home will not have to sit on the market for months and months while you hope for a buyer to make an offer. A wholesaler will make you the offer on the very same day they see the property. It doesn’t matter if the house is in excellent or imperfect condition. The wholesaler will make you an offer regardless of your home’s condition.

When you sell your home to a wholesaler, the closing won’t take longer than a month usually. On the other hand, a real estate agent could spend over six months trying to sell your house. Meanwhile, you’re forced to continue paying the mortgage payments, property taxes and other vital expenses. Unless, of course, your house is getting foreclosed and you’re in a hurry to sell. Then you’ll be in a terrible situation unless you sell your home to a wholesaler quickly.

Your Role When Selling Your Home to a Wholesaler in Owasso 

Realtors put a lot of pressure on homeowners. They expect them to clean their homes and “stage” them to look perfect for potential buyers. And if anything in their homes needs fixing, the owners must pay to have those repairs completed. Many homeowners in Owasso cannot afford the cost of expensive repairs. They’re merely trying to keep up with their mortgage payments.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, it is better to sell your home to a wholesaler rather than through a realtor. Wholesalers don’t expect homeowners to clean up or make repairs of any kind. You can sell your house in any shape or condition within a short timeframe. We buy houses Owasso and Tulsa areas!

Now you might think that you’re getting a lower price for your home if you sell it to a wholesaler. However, how much money are you saving by not paying for the repairs, future mortgage payments, or property taxes? If you add up all the long-term savings from selling your home early, you’ll find those savings will offset the lower sales price.

Property wholesalers don’t expect home sellers to do any work during the sales process. But don’t accept an offer on your home until you know the true market value of the property. Figure out how much all the needed repairs will cost and factor it into the true market value. Then you will have a realistic idea of how much your home is worth.

Many property wholesalers will try to take advantage of you. They will give you a lowball offer which does not come close to reflecting your home’s real value. That is why you should consider selling your house to our wholesale company in the Owasso, Oklahoma area. We’ll give you a fair and realistic offer for your home. And if you don’t like the offer, we’re willing to negotiate a fair price for both parties involved.

Additional Expenses to Consider 

Since wholesalers buy homes quickly, you might not have time to secure new housing for yourself. Because of this, two additional expenses you could have are for temporary housing and storage. You’ll need to put your personal possessions in a rented storage garage while you find a temporary place to live. On the bright side, you won’t have to pay any sales commissions or repair bills when you sell your home. Temporary housing and storage should be much cheaper than what commissions and repair bills would cost you.

Sell to Our Wholesale Company in Owasso

It is our priority to assist homeowners who are in a hurry to sell their homes in Owasso. We don’t mind repair properties because they are investments to us. Our company is in the business of fixing homes and either renting them out or reselling them. That is why we’re able to make a cash offer on your home quickly. 

If you’d like to schedule us to visit you at your property in Owasso, give us a call at your convenience. We will come to your home to inspect and negotiate a sales price. We promise to execute fair offers that benefit you and our company. Our offers will reflect the current as-is condition and value of your home. 


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