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Hesitating To Sell Your Tulsa House May Be Costing You!

We buy houses Tulsa. Sell your house fast in Tulsa. Are you hesitating selling your house in Tulsa, OK because you think it can end up costing you more money? Learn about these facts in our latest posts.

Some people have no idea what to do when it comes to selling their house. We are upfront with people. If your house is updated and doesn’t need any work then you likely should sell with a realtor or by owner. If your house is outdated or needs work then we are a great solution for you. We have gathered up some facts that real what costs you may take on by hesitating to sell your home in Tulsa, OK.

Your Mortgage in Tulsa

According to recent findings, an average American citizen spends up to $1050 dollar per month for mortgage. Gradually, this cost can amont up to thousands dollars each year just to live at a place you are not even happily living and you don’t like making repairs for. There is absolutely no point of spending so much money on an unwanted house when you can get into a different place where you can be happy.

Tulsa Homeowners Insurance

The insurance rate of your house depends on the property and the location it is in. However, it can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars every year. Therefore, when you add insurance cost with all other expenses of a property owner, you will be amazed by the amount of bills.

Property Taxes for a Tulsa Home

As a property owner, you have to regularly pay Tulsa county property taxes up until the closing day. However, property tax in each state varies, breaking it down you likely pay an average of two to four hundred dollars every month. We can end your tax duty just in few days. We Buy House in Tulsa!

Maintenance and Repairs for a Tulsa Property

Owning a home has its benefits as well as some hassles that you and only you can take care of. For example, maintenance, repairs, cleaning etc. can cost the same as a house payment some months if you have a repair. It can be an eye opener when you see how much every maintenance cost is really adding up to at the end of the year.

Utility Bills & Other Fees for your Tulsa House

Utility costs are constant whether you are in your house or living somewhere else, you have to pay these bills until you sell the house. Also, along with utility bills some property owners have to pay HOA fees. If you decide to rent out your home then add property management fees on to your expenses. 

Opportunity Loss on Your Tulsa Property

There is so much opportunity you are missing out by holding on to your current unwanted place. You can have your dream house or a more worthy investment opportunity if you sell especially while it’s a sellers market. But there is no guarantee. Listing your house on the Tulsa MLS can take months to sell, even a real estate agent can’t provide you a definite sale and closing date. 

Frustration, Stress, and Anger

There can be some anxiousness associated with living in a place that does not feel like a home to you anymore. Maybe you are tired of constant repair work or house does not feel warm in winter. Perhaps there are negative feelings associated with the home. If you don’t want to keep up with the stress of the home then we can likely make you a fair cash offer within hours.  We Buy Houses Tulsa!  You can find an end to all of your house selling miseries. You can sell your house at a fair price in whatever condition it is in, and will be able to move on finally with your future plans. 

Sell My House in Tulsa, OK

We buy houses in Tulsa; we have bought many houses in this area. We love Tulsa! Our service is completely hassle free that means when we buy your house there is absolutely no cost or fees for you! We buy as-is and want an opportunity to purchase your home today!

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