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How Much Money Should You Spend on Your Home in Sapulpa OK?

People hire real estate agents because they think it is the easiest and most cost-effective way to sell your house fast in Sapulpa. But is getting a Sapulpa MLS listing worth all the extra expenses you will incur from hiring a realtor? You probably don’t even realize that a commission fee is not the only expense involved here. You’ll also have repair costs, holding expenses, and closing costs to worry about too.

Let’s discuss these costs in more detail and the closing alternatives available.

The Usual Costs of Selling a Sapulpa Property 

The biggest expense with hiring a Sapulpa real estate agent is their 6% commission fee. If you sold a home for $400,000, you’d have to pay $24,000 in commission to the realtor. That is the cost equivalent of buying a new car.

In addition, you’ll have to pay to market your property listing because the real estate agent is most likely not going to do that. After they list your property on the MLS, that is usually the end of their marketing efforts. You’ll be responsible for investing your own money in marketing your property listing. These expenses include staging, cleaning, professional real estate photography and landscaping.

Of course, there is no telling when your home will sell. In the meantime, you’ll have to keep paying the utility bills, insurance, mortgage, and property taxes until you finally sell your home. This could add up to thousands of extra dollars in expenses that you could have otherwise avoided if you sold your property earlier.

And lastly, let’s not forget about the closing costs. A professional title company will usually charge between 1 and 3% to process the paperwork of the sale. When you add that to the cost of a real estate agent’s commission, it can almost be 10% in fees from the sale alone. That is way too much to have to pay just to sell your home. If you want to bypass this route just call us today. We buy houses Sapulpa!

Should You Fix Your Property? Is It Worth It? 

If your home needs minor work done only, it might be worth contacting a Sapulpa real estate agent to help you sell the property. However, you must do your research carefully and hire the best agent and contractors that you can find. They must be reliable professionals who can do their jobs well.

On the other hand, if your home requires many repairs to be made, then it won’t be worth selling it on the open market. You’ll likely have to spend tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs before you even sell the property. Whether you have the money for the repairs or not, you could end up saving more money by selling your home to a professional buyer instead.

What is a Professional Buyer in Oklahoma?

A professional buyer is someone who buys homes in their current condition. It doesn’t matter how many repairs need to be made. Professional buyers make a living by purchasing homes and fixing them up themselves. Meanwhile, it saves the homeowner money because they don’t have to pay to fix anything. Not only that, but they also don’t have to pay a real estate commission or closing expenses either. The professional buyer handles all the closing work on behalf of the seller. The only thing the seller needs to worry about is showing up on the closing date and collecting their certified check.

Sell Your Home in Sapulpa, OK 

Are you ready to sell your home in Sapulpa, OK? There is no time like the present. You don’t need to hire a real estate agent and wait for months to sell your home. You could sell your home right now in its current condition with no questions asked. We always pay a fair price for each home we purchase in Sapulpa. Our professional buyer will conduct a quick walkthrough of your property and then present you with a cash offer on the spot. If you accept the cash offer, we will process the documents and arrange the entire closing for you. No additional costs or expenses will be charged. The cash offer we present is the exact amount you will receive on the closing day.


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