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How to Evict Family Members in Tulsa Oklahoma

How to Evict Family Members Without Destroying Your Relationship

Evicting a family member in Tulsa might not be an easy task, but it can be made easier with the right precautions. Here are some tips for evicting a family member that will give you the best chance of success and ensure there’s minimal conflict:

In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons to consider evicting a family member and how to start that conversation. In the event of no resolution, we’ll also talk about what is involved in legally removing a tenant and selling your rental in Tulsa.

You may be wondering when to evict a family member.

Evicting family in Tulsa or anywhere in Oklahoma is not a good spot to be in. Even more difficult is wondering how to evict a friend from the house without severing the relationship. Many people call us when they are tired of dealing with renters and not getting paid on time. Plus their rent house is usually not being taken care of. They are wondering how do you kick out a friend that’s renting from you and when enough is enough?

You’re Not Getting Rent Payments

This is the most common reason to legally evict any tenant in Tulsa. The two of you agreed on a monthly amount and, for some reason, your family member is failing to come up with the cash. Most courts and judges won’t allow a person to remain in a rental if they’re not paying the agreed upon amount in the lease agreement.

You have concerns about your or their personal health or safety.

If your family member has caused a leak and therefore excessive mold is growing, that may be a reason to ask them to look for a new place while you fix the problem. The situation must be quite serious since people cannot live there and not fixing the problem is not an option. If they want to move back in after the repairs then you can discuss that with them and lay out your strict expectations.

If the family member doesn’t want to work with you please give us a call. We may be able to buy the house and take over the tenant situation for you. We buy houses!

You Need to Move Into the Home

Your living situation may have recently changed and you might be looking for a new place to stay, so you want to move into the Tulsa rental. Different states have different rules for this to work for an eviction. Check your local eviction laws to make sure you are following the current guidelines for evicting. 


You Need to Sell the Property Fast in Tulsa

For example, if you need to sell the home to pay a debt, you may decide to stop renting it out. These eviction rules vary depending on your state and how long you need to live in the home. In this article are many tips but check local eviction guidelines. Looking for a reputable house buyer? We buy houses in the Tulsa area!

What steps should I take to evict my family member from a home that she refuses to leave?

Even if you’re on good terms with a relative but want to talk about it, eviction is never easy.

To start, you’ll need to prepare. You should think about your purpose, needs and wants – and what you’re hoping to achieve as a result of the discussion. Set up a time/place where you can be comfortable and can communicate easily with one another. Anxiety can strike at any time so it’s important to always be ready. You can get accustomed to these self-soothing techniques ahead of time and if you find yourself needing them, you’ll have them right at hand.

Speak to them with an open and honest tone, knuckling down any self-sensitive emotions. Try to speak in a way that focuses on problem-solving and make sure you’re looking them in the eye. Listen carefully for anything they say or ask about.

To make sure your relative understands why they need to leave, kindly ask them to leave, tell them why and how long they have. They might actually agree with you and not cause a fuss after all. Especially if you give them enough time, they will appreciate that. Maybe even offer them the last month free if they move out without causing any harm to the property.

How Do I Legally Evict a Family Member?

But if they refuse to leave and there’s no lease or the lease is up, you can serve them with an eviction notice. If they still don’t comply, the two of you will have to go to court.

If the judge sides with you, your family member will be given a designated amount of time to leave. If they remain on your property, you can ask law enforcement to remove them. Laws vary from state to state, but typically this is how evictions work. Check your local laws for details.

Very Important: Do not accept rent payments while they are midway through the eviction process. If they’re on a 30-day notice, then their time period will reset each time you take payment, thus delaying when they actually leave.

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