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How to Sell My House in Tulsa

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Hi this is Rick with Sell Your House Tulsa and I just want to take a minute to talk to you about how you can sell your house fast in Tulsa. Some people think you have to use a realtor and in many cases you should use a realtor if this is totally new to you and it scares you to death to sell your house by owner then you should probably go with the realtor and they will handle all the things that they know how to do and fast. That’s the thing is they know how to get it marketed and get it done pretty reasonably quick I can probably sell your house in 3 to 6 months if it’s priced right. If it’s not price right it could take up to a year. It’s all about finding a realtor who will be realistic with you and price it right and tell you what things you need to fix up and just be straight up with you.


You could also sell it by owner. Sometimes people do it to save money and sometimes it does save them money but many times it just delays the process. If you got a good product, a good house that you know you know you can sell by owner, you know you got everything fixed up    .art of the good house if you know you can sell by owner you know you got everything fixed up and needs to be fixed up, you know you can price it right and then you can probably sell it in the same amount of time as a realtor can and save yourself the realtor commission. The problem is most for sale by owners overprice their house or just too proud that they they say oh I put all this work into it and I seen it over and over again it just sits on those for sale by owner sites and it never sells. You got to be willing the price it fairly and so you might have a realtor just look at it just to give you their opinion.


The last option is if you’re in a bind and you need to sell your house quick! Let’s say you don’t have the three to six months to sell with a realtor and you need somebody to come in and buy your house AS-IS. That’s where we come in. We’ll come in and we’ll look at your house and tell you this is what we can offer you. This is the best case, the fairest offer we have for you. In many cases, most of our clients are very happy with that offer because their in a situation where they are either behind on payments or perhaps they inherited a property and they just they don’t have the financial means to take care of it. Whatever situation it is many times we can help people get out of a situation they’re in and do it quickly, and move on and get rid of that stressful time in their lives .


So you got three options. You can sell with a realtor if you have time, if your not in a bind, and if you know you have a lot of equity in your house. Or you can sell by owner just make sure you price it right and you might want to get a realtor or a real estate expert that can come in and help you with that. Then last of all if you want to sell it quick, you’re in a bind, maybe you got some financial pressure. We can come look at it and we can get you a fair cash offer and we would be happy to meet with you and help you anyway we can.  


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