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how to stop foreclosure in Owasso OK

How To Stop The Foreclosure Of Your House In Owasso OK

We buy houses in Owasso, OK. If you are being threatened by the bank and they are going to take away your property, then do not fret! We are homebuyers here in Owasso, OK, and we are willing to help you and stop the foreclosure of your house. Continue reading to know what else you can do in order to fight back.  Foreclosures can be a daunting and overwhelming threat that you have to deal with. The dangers of losing your home that you worked so hard to get can be heartbreaking, plus it will highly impact your credit negatively. No one wants to go through a foreclosure; however there are certain things you can do in order to avoid it. In this article, you are going to learn how you can stop the foreclosure of your house in Owasso, OK.  

Give A Call To Your Bank In Oklahoma  

A lot of the lenders actually prefer working with you so things can get back on track instead of putting the house into foreclosure. This whole process is not fun for them as well. Not only is it time-consuming for them, it is also incredibly costly, and in a lot of the cases, the lender experiences a loss. They are going to do whatever they need to do in order to recover their costs. This includes working with you and coming up with a solution. If you feel like you are going to have some issues with your mortgage payment, then contact your bank. If you happen to be behind on your payments, then you can come up with a repayment plan with your bank. If you believe that paying the mortgage will make it hard to move forward because of the current circumstances of your life, then you might need to stall the foreclosure and sell your house while you still have time. 

Sell Your House In Owasso, OK  

Selling your house will help in quickly paying off your mortgage, minus the negative marks on that credit of yours. When it comes to listing your house in Owasso, there is no guarantee that your house is going to sell quickly. Selling it this way might take several months, which will allow the bank to foreclosure the house while it’s still listed.  However, when you make a direct sale to our company, your property is going to sell a lot quicker and that too for a decent price. You will work with our team and choose a closing date you’re comfortable with, so that you are able to sell your house before the bank even makes their move. The process of our company is convenient, quick, and always fair.  

Using A Short Sale In Oklahoma  

In order to avoid foreclosure and quickly sell your house in Owasso, OK, you can also opt for a short sale. A short sale takes place when your lender settles on taking a lower offer for your house, so it saves them the time plus the money of reselling the property by themselves. In order to do this, you need to apply to the short sale program of your lender and meet all of the important requirements. You are required to run a Broker Price Option (BPO) in order to finalize the fair market value for your property.  

Declaring Bankruptcy In Owasso 

When an individual declares bankruptcy, the bank is forced to halt all collection activities against that person; this includes the foreclosure of their home. However, that individual is still responsible for their debts. In this case, the bankruptcy court then works with the person to come up with a plan of repayment. Another thing to note is that declaring bankruptcy will probably not look good or help when it comes to borrowing money in the future. Therefore, make sure that this is the right option for you before you sign any paperwork.  


No one wants their house to be taken away from under them, if you happen to be behind on paying your mortgage, do not worry. There are ways you can avoid foreclosure and also sell your house, way before the bank gets a chance to start the foreclosure process against your property.   Our company can help you in avoiding foreclosure. Contact us and together we can come up with a solution. We won’t charge you any fees, plus we provide cash for houses in Owasso, Ok. We are going to go through your whole situation and offer you options, so you are able to move forward from this situation. Get in touch with us today! 

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Sell Your House Tulsa

Sell Your House Tulsa

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