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Is it Worth Selling Your Home Without a Realtor in Owasso OK?

Homeowners have access to more resources which allow them to sell their homes without realtors. It is easy to publish a “for sale by owner” listing on the real estate market. Of course, you need to pay money to list your property on the MLS and advertise it in other places. Then you’ll have to spend additional time showing your home to potential buyers and answering their questions.


At least with a real estate agent, they can deal with all the potential buyers themselves. However, as the seller, you’d be forced to pay your realtor a commission if they successfully sell your home. There may also be other fees attached to the sales contract, such as inspection or appraisal costs.


Why incur all these added expenses when you can sell your home to us in Owasso? We can submit a cash offer for your home without ever charging you any fees. We buy houses Owasso!



The Typical Advertising Expenses in Owasso

 Are you ready to incur the costs of advertising your property for sale in Owasso? Aside from the initial MLS listing fee, you’ll have other expenses associated with online property ad listings, printed ads, custom signage, open house management fees, staging expenses, and so on.


Many sellers don’t choose to use all these promotional resources. However, it helps ensure that more people will discover your property listing and become interested in it. Then you’ll have a better chance of selling your home faster.



Dealing with Potential Buyers in Owasso


As you start to receive more phone calls and emails from interested buyers, you’ll spend a lot of time answering their questions and scheduling appointments for them to see your house. It also means you’ll need to go to each appointment and show your home to them in-person. But if you have limited free time, it will be a challenge to carry out these tasks.



Staging Your Home in Owasso 

Before you show your house to a potential buyer, you need to make it look clean and tidy. House staging is a procedure where the owner cleans their home, removes personal possessions, and makes the interior setting look picturesque. That way, a potential buyer will immediately fall in love with the house as soon as they step through the front door.



Repairing Your House in Owasso 

The average home buyer does not want to have to fix or repair anything. They expect the home to be in livable condition. It doesn’t matter if you have small or large repairs that need to get done. You won’t find a serious buyer from the traditional real estate market unless you make these repairs first. It could end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get all the repairs completed.



The Legal Aspects of Selling Your Home in Owasso 

A real estate transaction is technically a legal procedure. You must create a legal contract which you and the buyer must sign. You can choose to hire a third-party escrow or title company, but they will charge you a commission or fixed fee for their services. If you decide to handle the escrow process yourself, you must learn the legalities of real estate transactions in Owasso. Otherwise, you’re liable to make a mistake that could backfire against you in the future.



The Length of Time to Sell a House in Owasso

It could take months for you to find a home buyer in Owasso. Your property listing could sit on the market for up to six months before you find a serious buyer. Anything can happen within that time. Your property’s value could decrease, or you could end up behind on your mortgage payments. That could result in a whole other sleuth of problems, such as a pending foreclosure. Traditional real estate listings do not give you any guarantee that a sale will take place.


Sell Your House Quickly in Owasso, OK


If you were to sell your home to our wholesalers, you would have a guaranteed sale date within the same week or month. You won’t have to pay for any repairs, advertising or closing costs. We take care of all these things for you. 


Thinking “I need to sell my house fast Owasso”? We buy houses fast!

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This website does not provide legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship. If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney directly.

Sell Your House Tulsa

Sell Your House Tulsa

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