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Selling a Home with Liens and Back Taxes in Jenks, OK

Do you owe a lot of back taxes and liens on your home in Jenks, OK? Do you wish to sell your home? If you answered “yes” to both questions, you might wonder how you can make this all happen.

Most Jenks and Tulsa area homeowners believe they must pay off all their debts and liens before they can sell their homes. But if you’re a homeowner struggling to pay the bills, you could be stuck with these debts and liens for years or even decades. The longer you go without paying off these debts, the more interest you get charged. The only way out is to sell your property so that you’ll no longer have these debts.

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An Overview of Oklahoma Property Liens 

When a property owner owes a debt on their Jenks property, it is called a property lien. The lender or source of the debt is the holder of the lien. They have a legal claim on your property until the total amount of the debt is paid.

A property lien is created after the holder files the appropriate paperwork with the local county recorder’s office. The property owner is hand-delivered the lien, which lists specific conditions and terms which must be addressed. If the owner does not satisfy these conditions by paying off the debt, the lienholder may be able to take over ownership of the property as compensation.

Mortgage liens and tax liens are the two most common types of liens in real estate. If you don’t pay your monthly mortgage payments or yearly tax bill, the bank lender or local treasurer will file a lien against your property. Other types of liens are less common, such as a judgment lien and a mechanic’s lien.

As the Jenks, OK home owner, it is your responsibility to pay off the lien promptly. Otherwise, the lien holder will foreclose on your property. It is a bad position to be in because you cannot sell your property without paying off all the outstanding liens first.  When most property owners hear that, they tend to give up on selling their homes.

Sell Your Home in Tulsa with Liens and Outstanding Debts


If you sell your Tulsa house directly to us, you won’t have to pay off your liens and taxes first. We will allow you to get out from under your debt and receive a cash payment on top of that. Our cash offer to purchase your home will be fair as well. Then you can leave all your worries and stresses regarding your property behind you.

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Make a Repayment Plan for Your Property Debt in Oklahoma


You don’t necessarily need to pay off all your property debt at once. If you’re struggling with your debt payments, ask your creditors if they’re willing to establish a payment plan for your debt accounts. Then you can pay off your debts at a pace that better fits your budget. Once you’ve paid off your liens and tax debts, you can sell your Jenks home with a free and clear title.

Of course, this won’t be a good option for everybody because you might have too much debt to pay off. It all depends on how quickly you want to sell your home. If you’re not in a hurry, then you could spend several months or years paying off your debts under a repayment plan. But if you need to sell immediately, then contacting us might be a wiser thing to do. We are a trusted house buying company for Jenks OK!

Dispute the Debts and Liens on Your Jenks or Tulsa House


If you disagree with a lien that has been issued against your property, you have the right to dispute it. However, you’ll need a strong argument as to why the lien is not justified. Your argument must include relevant documentation and a clear explanation of why your creditor is wrong to issue the lien.

It is better to fight the lien as early as possible. Your creditor will usually warn you before they issue the lien. That is when you should fight the lien and make sure it never gets placed against your property at all. Creditors are supposed to meet specific requirements before issuing a property lien. If you can identify these requirements, you can point out to the creditor any requirements they have not met yet.

If your reason for disputing a property lien has to do with the low quality of your contractor’s work, then gather documentation of everything related to the deal. You should have specific records of what the contractor promised you, what they gave you, and the amount of money you paid to repair their mistakes. Additional evidence, such as photographs of the errors, inspection records, and inspection dates, should be included to strengthen your dispute case.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Property Taxes and Liens in Oklahoma?


If you don’t make any payments toward your property liens, your creditors will want to take your home to compensate themselves for the debt you owe them. Any creditor has the legal right to foreclose on your home if they don’t receive the money they’re legally entitled to receive. If they successfully foreclose on your property, it could damage your credit score immensely.

Sell Your Home Fast in Tulsa, OK

Fortunately, there is a way you can release yourself from the obligation of paying off your property liens. Contact us today and request a free cash offer to purchase your home outright. We will buy almost any home, even if they have liens on them.

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Sell Your House Tulsa

Sell Your House Tulsa

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