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Tips for Tulsa First Time Home Sellers

We Buy Homes in Tulsa and we offer cash for homes, no matter the circumstances or conditions of the property. We are a professional Tulsa home buying company and we have seen it all. We have bought many homes.

In Tulsa we watch out for a few things. First-time home sellers may not know all that’s involved in selling a house successfully. They should try to fix some problems like chipping paint and removing dead trees and shrubs in the yard. It’s hard to get buyers to put in an offer if there are some issues they see when viewing the house. We recommend visiting open houses in Tulsa that are renovated to see what styles and designs people are using in their rooms. A simple paint job and declutter may be all you need to sell fast. 

We understand it can be daunting to sell your home, especially If you have never done it before. There are many costs and decisions to be made, though, and hiring the right people can ease your stress and give you options you didn’t know you had. BUT hiring the wrong people will give you a headache beyond belief. We hire contractors all the time and from time to time there are ones that just make your blood boil. Know that going into any home repairs or updates whether doing yourself or with a contractor, that there will likely  be some tension involved.


Organize and declutter your Tulsa County OK home

If you’re considering listing your home or commercial property with a Tulsa OK real estate professional, you need to know how much of a commitment it will be to prepare the property and that’s why you should plan ahead before listing. Review the house from top to bottom, as the least noticed parts might be the things you’ll need to change. If you don’t want to make updates or repairs then lowering the price is an option to not have to deal with the hassle of a contractor. You’ll also need to consider how long you are looking to sell your house before time runs out if you need to be at a new location by a certain time. The sooner you are able to find a buyer, the sooner you can move on with your life!


Learn About The Tulsa market

Know your local market — the best appraisers calculate what your home is worth by studying the trends and fluctuations in prices for homes in your neighborhood. Learn how much homes in the neighborhood have sold for in the past and how much they sell for now.


Make your property sell for the right price in Tulsa County.

We know you are saying I need to sell my house fast in Tulsa. If you understand your market then you don’t have to worry about the most costly mistake — misunderstanding the competitive market and listing your home in an unrealistic price range. Instead, you can list your home in the upper level of the search results because buyers in Tulsa have a transparent comparative market.


Choose your sales tools in Tulsa OK

If you sell by owner then Zillow is a popular choice to list your property. Most choose to use a realtor which is great if you don’t mind paying thousands in commissions. Another option is flat fee listings.


Understand the costs of selling in Tulsa

Sell your house yourself and you can save money by avoiding costs that the real estate agent is passing on to you. There is some work that goes into selling by owner. 

There is another faster option!  By selling your house directly to a local investor like us, you won’t have to spend time cleaning, or making other improvements. You’ll save yourself stress and time. We want to work with you and get a Win Win today! 

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Sell Your House Tulsa

Sell Your House Tulsa

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