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Selling house to wholesaler in Jenks OK

Top 4 Myths About Selling Houses to a Wholesaler in Jenks OK

Everyone has different experiences with wholesalers because not all wholesalers are the same. Each wholesaler has a particular objective from the way they conduct business. Sometimes their agenda is beneficial to the seller, but not always. That is why you need to be selective before selling your house to a particular wholesaler in Jenks, Oklahoma. We buy houses Jenks!


Interview each wholesaler you come across and ask them the right questions. Try to find out how long they’ve been in business and their procedure for closing on a home sale. If they have experience and credentials to back up their business claims, then you might want to consider selling your home to them.



Our Oklahoma Wholesalers Give You a Good Deal


Most wholesalers run a business model of purchasing homes from owners who are desperate to sell quickly. Perhaps the owners need to relocate fast and don’t have time to wait months for a realtor to find them a traditional buyer. Wholesalers find these buyers and make them a cash offer instantly. If it is a legitimate wholesaler, it will be a fair cash offer to the owner. The closing usually takes place within 30 days. The wholesaler does not need to apply for a traditional home mortgage loan because they pay the seller in cash or use hard money from a local commercial lender. This makes the sales process move much more quickly.


Homeowners are eager to strike a cash deal and collect their money. They don’t like waiting months to close the deal because they still have to pay the bills on the house in the meantime. Professional wholesalers in Jenks give homeowners a quick escape from their financial responsibilities of homeownership. It is a win-win situation for both parties.



Hidden Expenses for Home Sales in Jenks

 When you sell your home in Jenks, OK, you will never get charged any hidden costs or fees from us. You will never need to worry about administrative fees, agent commissions, or any other expenses that are common in a traditional sale. The agreed sales price is the exact amount you will receive in cash on the day of the closing.


Even though we’re buying your home at a wholesale price, you’ll end up saving money in the long run. There will be no more mortgage payments, property tax payments, or homeowner’s insurance payments. You’ll get out from under all these financial responsibilities and save so much more money by doing it. Won’t it feel good knowing that we will never ask you to pay any money? The only person who gets paid is you!



Watch Out for Deceiving Wholesalers

 You probably see a lot of wholesaler advertisements around Jenks, OK. The ad signs might read something like “We Buy Homes for Cash” or “Get $$$ for Your Home Today.” Unfortunately, not all but many of these wholesalers are out for a quick buck. They’re not interested in giving a good deal to the homeowners. This often happens when new wholesalers get into the business, and they only think about maximizing their profits. But no wholesaler can run a successful long-term business that way.


Our experienced team of wholesalers makes sure the deal is good for the buyer and seller. We run this property wholesale business full-time and never shortchange anyone. When you contact our company to make a potential deal, we’ll send an experienced wholesaler to your home in Jenks. We’ll evaluate your home and make a cash offer to you on the spot. If you like the offer and think it is fair, we are willing to close as quickly as possible. Most of our closings happen within 30 days. You won’t wait long at all.



What’s the Catch?

 You probably think there has got to be a catch here. Why would anyone close on a home so quickly in Jenks? Well, we close fast because buying and repairing properties are part of our business model. And after we complete our repair work, we’ll either rent them out or resell them. That is how we make our money.


As the seller, you won’t need to make any repairs to your home. All the repairs and renovations will be our responsibility after we purchase your home. You will never be asked to fixed or clean anything. That is something you would never see happen during a traditional real estate sale. Most buyers would want you to fix what is broken before they purchase your house. Not us!

Our wholesalers make a living buying fixer-uppers. We buy Jenks Oklahoma homes in as-is condition. We don’t bury fine print in our contracts to deceive sellers. You’ll learn the full scope of the process on the same day we make you an offer. There are never any hidden surprises, fees, terms or conditions. Our goal is to make this closing process as simple and stress-free for you as possible.



Get Started Selling Your Home in Jenks, OK

 Our wholesalers come up with viable solutions for homeowners looking to sell their homes. You’ll notice that as you begin to negotiate with our wholesalers. The cash offers we submit are always fair and just. We consider the current market value of the property and the current repair costs. If we offer you a less than market value, it is because of the repairs needed. But it will still work out for you because you get to remove yourself from your financial obligations of the house. Then you can move on with your life and purchase a home somewhere else.


Are you ready to sell your home to a professional and experienced wholesaler in Jenks? If so, contact our wholesaler team at your earliest convenience. We promise that we’ll make the process easy and straightforward. You won’t need to stress out about anything because our staff will handle all the hard work for you. We’ll create the contracts, work with the title company and set up the closing date. All you need to do is show up on the closing date, sign a few documents and collect your cash payment for the house. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.


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