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benefits of selling to wholesaler in Tulsa OK

Top 7 Benefits of Selling Your Home to a Wholesaler in Tulsa

Many people list their homes for sale in Tulsa every day. However, not too many of them use a Tulsa wholesaler to assist with the home selling process. Sometimes a wholesaler is the best option for selling a home. They can help you sell your home quickly and efficiently without the traditional realtor delays and fees.


But these are only some of the benefits that exist. There are many more benefits that you should learn about before you decide to sell your home. Below are the top 7 benefits of using a wholesaler to sell your home in Tulsa, OK.


1) Speedy Closings


If you sell your home to a wholesaler, you don’t have to wait weeks or months for the closing date. They are ready to purchase your home and close immediately.


After they look at your home once or twice, they will make you a cash offer right on the spot. If you accept the offer, the wholesaler will want to close as soon as possible. Then you can prepare to move your personal possessions out of the home and relocate them to your new home. Fast closings benefit buyers and sellers alike.


2) You Won’t Need to Make Repairs


Wholesalers don’t expect you to make repairs to your home. They are in the business of purchasing homes of “fixer-upper” condition. Because of this, you don’t have to spend money to fix anything in your home. The wholesaler will make the repairs themselves after they take ownership of your property. All you need to do is accept their cash offer or try to negotiate for a better one. But if your home needs repair work, you should consider that when you receive the offer. You might find it worth accepting the offer because it will eliminate your responsibility of worrying about the repairs yourself.


3) No Need to Show Property to Buyers


One of the most annoying things about selling a home is showing it to buyers. You have to relocate your possessions and stage the appearance of your home to make it look presentable. If you don’t like doing these things, you won’t have to with a wholesaler. They will purchase your home regardless of how it looks on the inside. In fact, you don’t even need to clean your home either.


The best part is that you won’t have potential buyers and seller’s agents calling you day and night. All you need to do is show your property to the wholesaler, and they will make you an offer on the spot. You would never get that kind of speedy offer from any ordinary buyer. 


4) No Open Houses


Realtors always pressure home sellers to host open houses. Unfortunately, they can be even more annoying than showing your property to individual buyers because you have to open your doors to several different strangers simultaneously.


You can’t always watch these people all the time, which means they could potentially damage or steal something in your home. If they don’t do that, they could become highly critical of every little flaw in your home. Why put up with that nonsense?


It is so much easier to work with a wholesaler. You don’t need to host open houses, pay for marketing or take professional photographs. The wholesaler will purchase your home without the need for any of those things.


5) No Delayed Closing


When you sell your home to a traditional buyer with a realtor, the closing process can take weeks or months to complete. Sometimes the closing date is indefinite because you have to wait for the buyer to perform due diligence, secure financing, and whatever else they need to do first.


If you choose to sell your home to a wholesaler, you eliminate all of these closing delays. A wholesaler does not perform extensive due diligence, nor do they need stringent financing. All of their home purchases are cash-only transactions. That is why they’re able to close on a deal so quickly. 


6) No Cleaning


When you have to show your home to market buyers, they want to see a super clean house. That means your carpets, rugs, countertops, and tile flooring must look spotless. You’d generally have to hire a professional cleaner to perform these cleaning tasks. And until someone purchases your property, you’d have to continue paying money for a professional to clean your home.


Why go through all this hassle? A wholesaler does not care about how clean everything appears. They will take care of all the cleaning themselves after they purchase your house. Think about how much less stress you will have to bear as a result.


7) No Commissions


Wholesalers are not realtors, nor do they work with realtors. That means you can avoid commission fees altogether when you sell your home to a wholesaler. It will put more money in your pocket on the day of the closing because no commission fees will get subtracted from the total sales price. The exact sales price agreed upon will be the same amount of money you will receive at the closing. 


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Are you ready to sell your home to a Tulsa wholesaler? If so, then you won’t find a better wholesaler than us. There are a lot of wholesalers that cannot be trusted for one reason or another. We have proven that we follow through and work with our clients for a win win! We can answer all your questions and explain the entire sales process from beginning to end. Everything moves very quickly so that we can get a cash payment in your hand as soon as possible.


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