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unwanted items when moving

How to Handle All Your Unwanted Items When You Move

We buy houses in Tulsa, OK. If you are living in a house for a long time and planning on moving, but worry about what to do with all of your stuff once you move, then do not fret. We are homebuyers here in Tulsa, Ok, and we can provide solutions to our customers in order to make this process a lot less stressful.

If you don’t know what to do with your things when downsizing your house in Tulsa, it can become a big issue. Do you sell your items or do you donate them? What do you keep with you when you move? It is already hard to leave a house you have lived in for a while, on top of that you have to let go of a lot of your things. All that can get overwhelming. With keeping that in mind, listed below are a couple of things you can do in order to make this process a lot smoother.

Have An Estate Sale In Tulsa, OK

You don’t have to worry about moving everything on your front lawn, when you have an estate sale. Instead, potential customers will come inside your house, while making offers on things, like furniture and other stuff, that you are selling throughout the property. You can strategically place all of your things that you are selling, and present them in their best light. Make sure everything is properly cleaned before you sell them. Plus, try not to get too emotionally attached to the items you plan on selling.

Give Away And Donate Your Old Things In Tulsa

If you don’t need the money, then you can donate your usable things to people who really need them, instead of selling them. You can contact several organizations that will help put your old things to better use. A few of these organizations will come and pick the stuff up as well. Items, like furniture, toys, and clothing, can find new homes where they will be taken care of. Moreover, track all of the things that you donate as this will be helpful when it will be time to pay your taxes towards the end of the year.

Pass On Your Things To Your Family In Tulsa

Before you sell or donate your things, contact your family to see if they will be interested in taking some of these items off your hand. There might be some items that are family heirlooms and your children or grandchildren will prefer that they get them instead. You are going to feel good knowing that your things are now part of your family and bringing joy to them.

Snap Photographs Of Your Sentimental Things In The Tulsa House

There are certain things that hold a sentimental value to us, but might be something ordinary to other people, such as postcards from your favorite vacation or napkins from your favorite café. However, these things are taking up a lot of the space inside your home. Therefore, it is a great idea to take pictures of all these things and keep them in a digital format. You can go through those pictures and memories whenever you want, and take them with you everywhere.

Sell Your House Directly To Our Company in Tulsa, OK

When you directly sell your house to us in Tulsa, OK, you do not have to stress about finding a right place for the things you don’t want to take with you. You can simply just sell your house as it is and this includes all of the unwanted items. Our company will handle everything and your belongings will find their rightful place. Selling your house as-is is the best and easiest way to handle a home you want to downsize in Tulsa, OK.

Hire A Person For Clean-Up

You always have the option of hiring someone in order to professionally clean and take away all of your extra stuff. There are several clean up companies in Tulsa that will come and pick up anything that you leave behind for a small fee. If no other option, like selling or donating, is working for you then hire someone that can pick up all of your unwanted items.


Numerous homeowners in Tulsa, OK, are residing in homes that are just too big for them to take care of. Maybe their children have moved out or it is too difficult to manage a house this big. Either way, a smaller house in Tulsa can make life a lot simpler and easier. So whatever the reason to sell your Tulsa house fast, please give us a call and see what price we can offer you!

We are home buyers in Tulsa, OK and we purchase houses in Tulsa and other parts of NE Oklahoma, without any hassle. Hence, when you sell us your house in Oklahoma, you don’t have to worry about any costs. There are no holding costs, no agent fees, no repair costs, and no closing costs. Plus, we provide cash for houses in Tulsa, OK and we can close according to the schedule you decide. Contact us for more information.

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